Gennady Pavlov -- Medium






   During the spring, birch bark
   is peeled from select birch
   trees (without harming the
   tree). The birch bark is pressed
   flat and specially treated. This treatment gives the birch bark
   a leather-like feel and look of unsurpassed beauty! A piece of
   wood -- pine, lime, maple or Siberian Cedar -- is expressly chosen
   for color and theme and prepared for the base. A design, to scale,
   is created on paper. This design is then traced onto the treated birch
   bark, which is then hand cut. Each work may use several layers of
   birch bark, each perfectly fitting in with the base. Sections are
   then stained and preserved with a wax polish.

  Each work is painstakingly created

   with detail and love. These works
   are so beautiful -- the back of each
   piece is even a work of art -- etched
   with Gennady Pavlov's personal
name of work, creation
   number and date
of creation.

   Seeing is believing!

   Click on Gallery to view some of the works of
   Gennady Pavlov. On this site, only 15 of the more than
   100 works are shown. Please contact us for additional
   descriptions of Gennady Pavlov's artwork or inquire about
   having a custom design created especially for you!