Gennady Pavlov -- Artist





      "Gennady Pavlov and his work
       create each other, giving you
       a view of the Russian soul."

                -- Marina Yuzhaninova 
Gennady Pavlov was born in 1941 in the village of Ekaterinoslavka, which is located in the Russian Far East. He graduated from Omsk Polytechnic Institute in 1969 and was a lecturer in art design at the institute for 20 years.

In 1990, he left the institute and devoted himself to creative work -- birch bark wood carving, woodworking, drawing and painting.

His artwork adorns galleries and private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Holland, France, Switzerland and the United States.

Gennady Pavlov -- Artist Statement

Many years ago while working in a library, I discovered a design dating from the 10th century. I was amazed that the drawing was created at the same time as the christening and birth of Russia. I decided to seek out additional books dedicated to the artistic heritage of my distant ancestors. As I was looking at a design with fantastic birds and beasts woven around a plant, a question arose in my mind. What do these images represent? I have since discovered that the circle symbolized the sun, and the bird was the traditional symbol of the human soul. The tree of life found predominately represented the resurrection of Christ and immortality. Everything in these woven designs had meaning.

The result of my research is reflected in my wood and birch bark carvings. They are an expression of a distant time, when these designs were mystical, later to become decorative. My artwork allows me to share my thoughts, feelings and impressions of my ancestors’ culture, especially in these difficult and hopeful times for Russia.

This text is not an investigation of the subject. It is, instead, an invitation to experience my artwork, and discover the fascinating and mysterious world of Russia.

Gennady Pavlov

      Gennady Pavlov -- Exhibitions
  • 1990 - Omsk State Technical University, Omsk
  • 1991 - Second All-Russian Exhibition of Decorative Art. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1992 - Regional All-Russian Festival of Decorative Art, "The Soul of Russia." Omsk
  • 1993 - Regional exhibition "Birch Bark Laces." Belov Museum, Omsk
  • 1993 - Exhibition of Omsk artists, "Omsk Cultural Days." New York City & Washington, D.C.
  • 1994 - Regional All-Russian Festival II of Decorative Art, "The Soul of Russia." Omsk
  • 1995 - Gallery exhibitions, "Easter Snow" and "Two L." Omsk
  • 1995 - Exhibition, "Craftmanship of Good Hands." Omsk Historical Museum, Omsk
  • 1996 - Easter exhibition at gallery, "Two L." Omsk
  • 1997 - Vrubel Regional Museum of Art. Omsk
  • 1997 - Dedication of Moscow's 850th anniversary. Siberian Cultural Center. Omsk
  • 1997 - International exhibition, "Orthodox Church Art." State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow
  • 1997 - Omsk State Technical University Museum. Omsk
  • 1998 - All-Russian Museum of Decorative & Applied Art, "Motives of Ancient Russia." Moscow 
  • 1999 - "Birch Bark Laces." Siberian Culture Center, Omsk
  • 1999 - Siberian Exhibition of Art, “New Art of Siberia.” Novosibirsk, Russia
  • 1999 - Countryman Bank, Omsk
  • 2000 - Omsk State Technical University Museum, Omsk
  • 2001 - "Intellectual Labyrinth." Siberian Cultural Center, Omsk
  • 2001 - Omsk State Technical University Museum, Omsk
  • 2002 - "Intellectual Labyrinth." Art Gallery, Nevtyugansk, Russia
  • 2002 - "Siberian Patterns." Art Gallery, Surgoot, Russia
  • 2002 - "Kind Russia." Regional Center of Art, Hunte-Mansisk, Russia
  • 2002 - National Artist Exhibition. Mihailovsky Manesh, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2002 - Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, Oregon
  • 2003 - Time Spent Writing Book About Creative Design